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I am Karolin Varner, a programmer living in Germany, doing work in various projects and participating in a bunch of open source projects. Besides the IT stuff I am also playing electric bass.

If you are interested in me personally rather than my work, my Twitter and my Soup are probably the best places to go!

I do programming in various programming languages (javascript/coffeescript client and server side, python, ruby/rails, java, C, C++14) and I have quite a bit of experience with devops.

I would very much like to get in touch more programming languages, so if you have a project in HDLs or functional languages (haskell, vhdl, verilog, scala, erlang, ...) or interesting scientific applications – drop me a mail!

I consider the abilities to use different systems, to quickly learn new technologies and to work with data (network protocols, file formats, data structures…) as the very foundation of any programming skills.

Besides purely technical topics I think communication is one of the most critical aspects of every project. My work has always included planning projects and closely working with customers and management to ensure excellent knowledge about the state, the goals and the time schedule a project.

At the moment I am doing lot's of work for Softwear (sic!) where my responsibilities include writing low level database servicing software in C++14 for our mongodb infrastructure, data modeling and rich client applications with angular.js. Before that I worked on soup Soup.io (Ruby on Rails) and the PREMIUM Map, and a lot of smaller companies. For about two years now I writing C++ code for the open source game Inexor where I am mainly concerned with data management, build systems and modern communication protocols and scripting language integration. Check out GitHub to find some of my other open source projects.

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